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Fresh Kiev escorts lady By means of biogel it is possible not only to correct the form of lips, but also to smooth folds, and also wrinkles in mouth corners. Biogel keeps under a skin about half a year, and then it gradually resolves. Therefore procedure of introduction of this preparation should be spent from time to time again. Recently there was a new technology – introduction of so-called biocompatible gel. Its compatibility with organism fabrics above, than at other preparations and consequently it keeps longer. But also costs more expensively, like Kiev escorts model real Kiev escorts lady . To smooth small mimic wrinkles (for example, so-called «goose pads» round corners of eyes and so forth) It is possible by means of the pricks containing a preparation. Action of this preparation consists that it will paralyse small obverse muscles in those places where it is entered, and they, accordingly, are smoothed. After the lapse of half a year gradually loses the action, and it should be entered again. It is possible to recommend increase in lips especially to those Kiev escorts ladies who, really, have it is disproportionate the narrow lips doing a look "dry" and cold. In all other cases of a lip it is possible to make chubbier and sensual by means of make-up receptions (but about it it will be told in the following chapter). read more →