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Lovely Ukraine escort agency female 2) Mentalities which is caused by Ukraine escort work of the cerebral cortex providing an orientation, and, notice, strictly certain orientation of a sexual inclination and, imagine, prior to the beginning.
3) the System supporting during time (work of nervous cages the centres).
4) the System causing and an orgasm (also work of nervous cages of the spinal centres).

These systems Ukraine escort work in such order as I have just stated. I and my employees have established that during sexual intercourse on descending (kortiko-spinal) excitation is transferred to paths (nervous ways) in ADRENAL GLANDS (and there are synthesised). Ur!!!
1) they are synthesised and allocated that the female at subconscious level has remembered the male. And if to it was with it abruptly, it will find it on a smell or someone, very much on it similar.
2) The more often the man makes sexual intercourse, the more often its organism synthesises, and that in considerable quantities it them can synthesise all. Roughly speaking, shakes.
3) then there is the most interesting. This process passes to CONDITIONED REFLEX level, and arches become isolated in a bark of the big hemispheres. When such male pumped up by sexual exercises sees the Ukraine escort woman, all four systems work a hundred times faster, and he there and then, to the certificate, attacks the woman to take hold to it, to breed, that more than the genetic material (in the form of descendants) to leave». read more →

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